Swimming, whether for recreation or conditioning, can be a very effective form of rehabilitation.

Rehabilitating a dog with water has many benefits. One is decreased weight bearing through the joints which
reduces pain. In the water, gentle range of motion of all four limbs is accomplished and strengthening is provided
by the water resistance. Neurological re-education for muscles occurs because they are used differently.
There also seems to be psychological benefits for the dogs that occurs because they are able to exercise
without pain. Also, the special additives in our pool water enhance it while reducing eye and skin irritation.
We find it is therapeutic to dogs with skin allergies, hot spots, and fungus.

Frequency: Varies depending on the dog’s endurance. The goal is 30 minutes of continued swimming.
1 time a week is usually effective while 2 times a week is more beneficial.

Benefits: Decreased joint stress, strengthening, neurological retraining, cardiovascular health, positive psychological
effects, weight management for overweight dogs, conditioning, and post-operative/post-injury.