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The Aqua Pacer is an above-ground underwater treadmill with a revolutionary design that allows for much safer, more effective exercise than comparable machines. The Aqua Pacer provides 40-60% buoyancy while giving the horse an easier range of motion than traditional exercise. The mild impact of the underwater treadmill stimulates additional bone and cartilage growth while allowing for a low-impact, full-body exercise with natural resistance that is lighter on legs and joints. This makes the Aqua Pacer a much safer alternative to post-surgical hand-walking, with reduced risk of recurring injury, better healing, and a speedier return to normal activity. The lack of concussion and controlled movement make it an excellent intermediate step before proceeding to full weight-bearing exercise. It is the perfect exercise when low impact conditioning is needed.

The Aqua Pacer reduces the risk of performance-related injuries during the conditioning of your horse. It also helps to recondition veteran athletes and freshen animals long in training.

Horses suffering from sour attitudes toward training are mentally rejuvenated by the new activity, while conditioning is not only maintained but, in many cases, improved. The water treadmill is also very useful for improving topline and gait, building muscle strength and flexibility in the shoulders, back and hindquarters. The treadmill can be used to modify a horse’s movement pattern by adjusting the speed of the treadmill belt, and by adjusting the water level to create more or less buoyancy and resistance. Clear viewing panels allow us to observe if horses are moving equally with all 4 legs, sufficiently engaging the hind limbs, moving in balance through their topline and if they are tending to lean to one side or the other.

The Aqua Pacer is above ground and the horse’s head is outside of the submersible area. This innovative design means your horse will not ingest or inhale water should it slip or trip. Also, every treatment in the Aqua Pacer is conducted in fresh, newly filtered water, not the same water that the horse or horses before it were treated in. This is much safer for your horse since there are not contaminants in the water your horse is being exercised in reducing the chance of illness or infection.

Benefits of the Aqua Pacer:
• Increases the stride and develops muscles used in normal exercise,
on the race track, or under saddle
• Allows bleeders to heal while still maintaining conditioning.
• Reduces recovery time by 50-60%
• Improves performance
• Accelerates conditioning
• Encourages muscle development
• Increases cardiovascular fitness
• Improves flexibility
• Promotes correct posture and a balanced gait
• Minimizes performance injuries
• Reduces impact on limbs while benefiting soft tissue mobilization
• Modulation and reduction of pain
• Joint decompression
• Reduces friction between articulating joints
• Provides hydrostatic pressure to assist blood and reduce swelling

The Aqua Pacer regimen is enhanced when coupled with the Cold Saltwater Leg Spa, Solarium and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

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