Who we are

In Sanctuary Equine Rehab we are the Clinic of Physical Rehabilitation and Electrodiagnosis that practices and integrates manual and physical techniques oriented to functional recovery of the patients, achieving their adaptation and integration to their daily life, preventing future injuries and improving their quality of life.

It offers services and treatments of quality with the qualified personnel for it and the optimal facilities that offer to our patients the relief and well-being that they need.

General Objectives

  • Generate health, prevention, and quality of life for our patients.
  • To offer each patient the best solution to their condition.
  • Increase patient satisfaction through effective and efficient care in their rehabilitation.
  • To offer the highest technology that guarantees the prompt recovery of our patients.
  • To assure the quality of the service updating the human resource using the best technology of end.


To be the best option as a comprehensive physical rehabilitation center in the State of Zacatecas, innovating the techniques and therapeutic procedures of rehabilitation medicine, for the high quality of services we offer.


In Sanctuary Equine Rehab we are committed to offer each and every one of our patients, excellent quality services, provide our patients with comprehensive specialized medical care, personalized and with the highest human, scientific and technical level.

Maintain the commitment to improve the quality of life of the patient through Rehabilitation Medicine through physical and occupational therapy, to achieve their social integration, family, school and work.


Warmth and love to the profession and to the service to work with joy and dedication looking to satisfy the individual needs and to surpass the expectations of our patients.

  • COMMITMENT TO QUALITY: Through the continuous improvement of all rehabilitation processes that favor the care of our patients to be the most reliable for them.
  • SAFETY to minimize the risk in patient care through the application of standardized processes and high technology by a highly professional human team.
  • TEAM WORK: Based on the vision and mission of Sanctuary Equine Rehab, reaching through the participation of each of the collaborators in the processes, allowing to build individual strengths, promote creativity and generation of ideas, share knowledge that improve learning and develop interpersonal relationships that favor satisfaction and loyalty, to achieve a common goal “quality of service”.
  • COMMUNICATION: To maintain permanent communication with the patient in search of the integration of the patient to his recovery and to guide him in a personalized way.
  • MUTUAL RESPECT: To treat each patient in our clinic with respect and dignity.
  • RESPONSIBILITY AND PERSONAL INTEGRITY: It is to act with ethics and honesty to maintain trust between our employees and patients in the quality of services plagued.
  • CONFIDENCE: To generate an environment of trust between therapist and patient and the credibility of the population with respect to the transparency of the treatments carried out in the clinic.
  • SOCIAL COMMITMENT: To benefit society through the social, family, school and occupational integration of our patients, supporting the community in which we live and work.